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I lived through the early days of the Vietnam conflict, have witnessed the aftermath of a drug culture, and am presently aware of political and social divisions, as divisive as those that fractured a nation in the days of the American Civil War. I was an active participant of the military conflict in South East Asia, serving as a United States Marine. During the course of my deployment, I received a combat military citation and in-country promotion to Sergeant E-5. At that time my politics were not my own, my ideologies shaped by the patriotism of the times, by fears of uncertainty, and by agendas I only vaguely understood. I returned to my native homeland as a stranger, to a country now collectively ashamed of my service, as well as the sacrifice of so many others in my generation. In time I realized they were right. We are all born under a shadow of guilt, each believing we stand on the right side of faith and history.

Yet, by a grace greater than the clandestine affairs woven into the fabric of worldly agenda, I am born again by a revelation as profound as did change the earthly course of the Apostle Paul on his way to Damascus. This same Jesus resurrected my soul out of the darkness of hell, now a living testament of God’s Messiah sent into the world to die for my sins and the sins of all that live and perish in the course of time.

From this singularity of my renewed existence, I have chosen to devote my interest to define knowledge within context. Beginning with a secular education at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), I seek to this day to better understand those precepts designed through the academic reason of this world. In the course of my life, I have written volumes of poetry and short stories allegorical to this journey. I have written other books as well, not allegorical, meant to describe my personal transitions and analytical observations of the existential world that we think to know. But also to glimpse spiritual forces that exists between the atoms of manifest molecular cohesion.

In my early years I published poems and short stories in various magazines and book consortiums. My first novel, The Frogs, published in 2000 through a division of Random House, was followed a year later by Legends from the Mist and Other Told Tales. Subjects that reflect the turmoil of Viet Nam era America, as witnessed through my own spiritual and psychological expression.

My next book publication would be fourteen years, when in 2014 I co-authored a title The Eighth Estate. This deeply mystical and religious examination of influencing spiritual agents represents a collaborated exchange with close friend and spiritual partner, Zaharoula Sarakinis.

In 2017 I published Search of the Perfect Code Discovered through Science, representing the most important book that I may write in my generation that begins with an inspired testimonial of my personal revelation of the Holy Spirit after returning from the jungles of war in the early seventies. In the first chapter I relate in detail a profound event that altogether altered the directional course of my destiny. Through this encounter with God’s Holy Messiah, I am born again and free to choose and to be.

I am particularly pleased to share a lifetime of poetry in a book titled Where Water Goes A Living Anthology of Poetry. This volume, dedicated to my loving mother and published in 2018, contains a collection of 292 of my personal poems written over a period of nearly six decades with varying constructed genres, depicting passages through this world of light and shadow. It is my soul unveiled and presented for you to discover.

Liberty Epic of Shadows is just the latest of several works spanning decades, but the most comprehensive allegory of my writing career to date. It returns to the motif of my first novel, The Frogs, but with more structured plot and greater character development. I personally just felt that this story needed to be told again from a more mature position of elevation. It goes into details the first story only hints at, adding a circle of completion to the beginning. This epic novel interweaves the past, present, and future into an actively changing tapestry designed on a global historical scale.

This epic properly begins in 1640 with a shipwreck of a Spanish Galleon named Libertad off the Carolina coast loaded with a cargo of gold and a band of fifteen Indians of Viking descent. Through progressive history, the story weaves into the early sixties of Viet Nam era small town America. What is the connection between a cotton mill town in the post industrial south and the rebirth of the Holy Roman Empire during the dynastic reign of the Spanish Hapsburgs? Who and what is Westbaily? Is he the fiendish thing of everyone’s fear or an angel of deliverance? To the locals Liberty Swamp is a place laced with unknown dangers, manifesting imagined terror of life’s inevitability, a place and subject better avoided. We are introduced to the famous frontiersman, Adam Pixley, a founding father of a better estate. But is he actually something else more sinister responsible for the ruthless genocide of a tribe of North American Indians remembered vaguely through landmarks and Indian legends of a lost tribe once called Children of Aconee?

But this is not just an epic about dynasties and wars. It is more about the human experience in an attempt to define the root cause of wars and divisions, exploring the meaning of gifts from the Mammon of this world forged of weaker elements, compared to true wealth made of eternal substance provided by the architect of creation in the fullness of every season. In the twilight of his days, David, an anointed king of this earth, blesses the Lord of provision before the twelve tribes of Israel on the steps of Jebus, declared Jerusalem, a city on earth dedicated to the God of heaven:

“Both riches and honor come of thee, and thou reigns over all; and in your hand is power and might; and in your hand it is to make great, and to give strength unto all. Now therefore, our God, we thank thee, and praise thy glorious name. But who am I, and what is my people, that we should be able to offer so willingly after this sort? For all things come from you, and of your own have we given thee. For we are strangers before thee, and sojourners, as were all our fathers: our days on the earth are as a shadow, and there is none abiding.”

(1Chronicles Chapter 29 Verses 12-15)


I remain but a messenger given a voice in time. Some will read what I have written and some will not. Some might even dare understand the meaning; others will remain tunnel vision to the end of their own myopia. I am not the author of persuasion, but of testament. I do not judge, nor will I be judged by this world. My life has been one of transition, defined by no particular group or established ideology. I do believe in the words accumulated in a book called the Holy Bible. I, also, know from experience, the Holy Spirit bearing witness to my spirit that these words are of spirit and life, not subject to any doctrinal religious interpretation other than the life, death, and resurrection of God’s chosen Messiah. I presently live in Montreal, Quebec, a city less divided in present history. Like the city in which I dwell, I live in diversity. I have experienced life through the eyes of a male and a female; have lived by choice the discrimination of color, of gender, and of rigid indoctrinated perceptions. I dance between the shadows, choosing to count among the sheep of every fold, believing brotherly love and compassion to be the only meaningful measure of present existence. I am not the author of persuasion, but of testament. I do not judge, nor will I be judged by this world. I am saved by grace, and by grace will be corrected. I pray continually that the warrior
in me will shed no more blood in the time left, believing God’s messengers able to stop the mouths of lions and to make straight that which is crooked. I will dance to the glory of God and of salvation in every season.

I am presently writing an autobiography published online at titled Traveled Distance: A Chronicle in Time. It is free to read just by typing in my last name in the Search Bar. Or click here for direct link: This book is a true open window into my soul. I hope to soon publish it in comprehensive volume.

L.A. Espriux

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Where Water Goes

Where begins the water flow
From icy peaks a melting knoll
Along sheer steps of canyon walls
Tolls a river through ancient deeps
Restless traveler that never sleeps
All made whole by drips and drops
All one body that never stops
Tides that erase rich centuries spun
Rim of destiny reshaped beyond
Fire and ice to all in all suffice
To feed the world with promises and rice
And water flows where no one knows
Life and particle where wind blows
Where flesh wanders the spirit goes

L. A. Espriux

Search of the Perfect Code

Search of the Perfect Code